How is CSB used?    
  Usually a practitioner takes some time to reconnect with his or her own primary respiration (PR) and centers and settles internally.
A practitioner might also verbally check in and orient the client to inner sensations and perceptions.
The physical connection with the hands happens in a negotiated, respectful, delicate and subtle way.
The practitioner allows the PRsystem to settle and to connect.
The practitioner listens in a wide perceptual field and receives the information, which the PRsystem of the client brings towards him or her.
This information will guide the practitioner to the appropriate treatment and support of the healing process.
Out of the cooperation with the inherent forces a treatment plan is created, which is inherent and unique to each treatment.

An organism always tends to return to balance, to self-regulate and self-correct.
The practitioners are becoming companions in these self-regulating processes and use those principles of  craniosacral biodynamics which are most appropriate in any given moment.
In therapeutic craniosacral sessions the practitioners are aligning themselves with the inherent intelligence of the system of the client.
They stay present, neutral, grounded, whole and maintain a space of orientation.
This presence is making it possible for the client to witness, to observe, to explore and investigate inner processes.
This approach is empowering and reconnecting with Health.
  Craniosacrale Biodynamik

There is a way to move in this world,
without the help of security.
Look for the path,
with an open mind”
Lao Tzu

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