Since the foundation of the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing®  ICSB in 1986 many people have contributed to its expansion.

Through the international activity of our teachers the organization has become vast.
It is our intention to orient mainly towards research and teaching.
We therefore keep the organizational and administrational level at a minimum.

Management and coordination
The International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® ICSB is mainly directed and coordinated by Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin. As the founder she is actively involved in the daily functioning of the Institute, also her heart is more with teaching and spreading the work.
In cooperation with her husband, Kavi Gemin, the activities of the Institute have continued to develop and expand.



  Craniosacrale Biodynamik

"The Way is liquid harmony;
its full potential cannot be imagined.

Deep as the source of all things,
it softens the edges, resolves the paradoxes,
diffuses the light, assimilates to the world.
Profoundly still, it pulsates with life:
No one knows whose child it is,
 it is the mother of all things."
Lao Tse
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