Dr. R. E. Becker, DO
Dr. R. E. Becker, DO
«I’m treating to restore health,
not to correct the problem.»



The main orientation of Craniosacral Biodynamics is toward health, the forces of self-regulation and the resources of the person.

At the basis of the method is the principle of the Breath of Life, that coordinates and generates primary respiration, permeating all fluids and structures with vital forces, and maintaining the proper functions of the organism. 

The cycles of primary respiration remind the body of health, and of its positive effect on the entire metabolism.

«The body has been designed to renew itself through continuous self-correction. These same principles also apply to the healing of psyche, spirit, and soul.»
Dr. Peter Levine


The treatment is performed through a light touch. The client is fully clothed and lying on a massage table. Touch is applied through clothes. Shall any position require skin contact, it can be negotiated.

The touch is soft, listening, receptive and used for both evaluation and therapeutic processes.

The hands are placed lightly at certain areas. The practitioner perceives the way autonomous physical systems express themselves and interacts to best support the person's connection to health.

The clients can access states of deep rest and relaxation, in which to notice the subtle inner changes. The practitioner listens to motion in fluids and tissues, sensations of warmth, expansion, energetic flow, improvements of moods and alleviation of tension and pain.

The client's perception is an integral part of the session. Inner processes are explored and enhanced through verbal dialogue.

Verbal communication helps to continuously assess the inner perception of the person, in order to adapt to the development of the session accordingly.

Verbal dialogue is meant to highlight the presence of health and the expression of resources, anchoring their beneficial and regulatory effect on the physiology. This empowers the client to be part of the process and co-participate in their healing.

Craniosacral biodynamics supports self-regulation, increases self-awareness and enhances competences to build more resiliency and coherency.

Clinical effects

The intention of the method is to address and strengthen health from within, so that the often disorganized states of the body-mind can return to a more balanced regulation.

The renewed vitality that the system then has, is essential for return to wholeness and health.
The ability to self-regulation and self-awareness is supported and strengthened.

The therapeutic approach searches for cooperation with the forces of primary respiration, so that all cells, fluids, structures, systems and functions oft he human body can get nourished and supported.

Besides stress reduction, physical relaxation and return to inner balance, this work also explores inner processes of perception, thoughts, feelings and sensations.

In the center of the therapeutic process is the self-awareness of the client. 

The work is prophylactic by encouraging connection to wholeness and oneness.

It is suitable for people of all age, from the newborn to the senior, it brings ease and support to various situations. Orientation to health allows the practitioner to support clients even in the most challenging conditions.

The work is therapeutically effective to support healthy function of physiological systems, specially the neuro-endocrine-immune system.

Craniosacral Biodynamics is especially recommendable for pain, treatments after shock and trauma, to support convalescence and rehabilitation, for growth processes and integration of changes.

«An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.»
Ida P. Rolf

Limits of the method

The Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner has the ability and the duty to know and respect the limits and the boundaries of their practice. Recognising and following the physiological intention of the system, assures safety and respect of the client's boundaries.

In certain medical situations, specific craniosacral applications should be avoided, e.g. with increased intracranial pressure, immediately after a trauma to cranium or brain, aneurysm or stroke.

Craniosacral therapy should only be applied with caution and only by experienced practitioners and possibly in cooperation with medical professionals: 
with illnesses of the central nervous system, risky pregnancies and mental illnesses.

Craniosacral Biodynamics is suitable in many situations, especially if they are challenging to body and mind. Treatments are especially helpful in transitions, life changes, new beginnings, like birth, changes in the hormonal and nervous system, as much as attending to and holding space for the endings of life.

Effects of the therapy

- Prevention
- Maintenance from the beginning to the
  end of life
- Pain reduction
- Antidote to post-traumatic stress
- Rehabilitation
- Integration
- Transfer of changes into daily life



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